Goal: Redesign the organization's current logo and create a poster mailer for one of their events. 

Previous Logo and website header:

Earth tones with handwritten fonts were incorporated to give Bridging the Gap a more welcoming, soft look as opposed to the current harsh, non-complimentary fonts and cold colors:

Inspiration was taken from other logotypes which had a more fluid, organic look: 

A circular shape was incorporated to create a more modern feel.

Transforming the type into a aesthetically pleasing circular shape proved to be challenging. 

Finally, after dozens of sketches, pen tool refinements, and color testing, a natural looking form consisting of earthy, calming colors was created: 

For the poster mailer, the earthy, organic feel of the logo was maintained, while making it modern, something one would want to hang on their wall as soon as they received it. It was a struggle to find the balance of being as informative as it is aesthetically pleasing. 

Genevieve decided to incorporate pictures of children with clean water, to make the poster relatable, and help the receiver see the tangible difference they could make. Triangles were incorporated to contrast the circular shape of the logo. 

As one opens the poster mailer, the process needs to be enjoyable so one's interest was kept as they opened each fold. 

The final product represents the organization well while being modern and relatable.