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About Genevieve Buchanan

Genevieve was a child who never wanted to grow up. 


To Genevieve, growing up meant losing her creativity and imagination, and her imagination ran wild. She loved to read and watch movies, and she would expand on the story in her head and draw how she wanted them to end. She was always interested in art but it took her much longer to discover exactly what she wanted to do with this interest. This imaginative mindset continued in high school when she was accepted into a film program which allowed her to create stories of her own.


After graduating high school, Genevieve enrolled in community college to explore her different interests in art with the goal of gaining more skills and knowledge so she could discover what she wanted to do within the art field. She took film, photography, and drawing classes, but instantly knew that she wanted to pursue graphic design when she took her first graphic design class. Design allowed Genevieve to tell stories in a way that she hadn’t experienced before. Although making art is a very personal experience for her, in that it allows her to express what she can't put into words, she loves how it had the ability to evoke emotions in others as well. She transferred to Biola University her junior year declaring a major in design, which allowed her to gain more knowledge and skills in this field in which she had grown a passion.

When Genevieve graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Design, she finally found her niche in the world of art. She moved to Portland the following fall and did freelance and contract work for Nike. She was able to sharpen and improve herself as a designer during her time in the PNW, and is grateful for that experience because it led her to where she is today. She currently resides in Sacramento, CA and is a Designer at CMB  Design Partners where she works with clients such as UC Davis, CalChamber, and The California Grocers Association.

Even though Genevieve has reached adulthood, she has discovered her sense of creativity and imagination has not disappeared along with her childhood. Her love for art has allowed her to realize that it remains very much a part of her, because she has chosen to cultivate it.


Learn more about Genevieve's employment history on her LinkedIn page.

To view her work, go to her portfolio.



"The creative adult is the child
who has survived."


― Ursula K. Le Guin

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